Scenes from Mulan Jr.

Apple Tree Arts on Friday night produced “Mulan Jr.,” featuring a cast of children in grades 2-5. My former co-worker (and proud grandma) Debbie attended the performance with camera in hand.


Here is the child who played Mulan. Writes Debbie, “someone stole my program, so I don’t have her name.” That’s OK, we try not to put children’s names on the blog!

Mulan cast

And here are a few members of the cast.

Debbie promises more photos, but she’s having computer issues on her end and my husband needs the computer on my end! Thanks, Deb.


2 thoughts on “Scenes from Mulan Jr.

  1. the kids did a great job here – I was very impressed – also with my 3-year-old who managed to sit through most of it – but I was hoping for an intermission around 40 minutes into it and I’m surprised my daughter didn’t have ‘an accident’ before she insisted that she leave!

  2. The show was lots of fun and lots of work. My mom and I tried for hours to dye my hair black, but the dye wouldn’t take! Anyway, we all made lots of new friends with kids from other towns. And I think the show turned out great! Too bad we only get to do it once.

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