Poor landscaping

Dear Mr. Nguyen,

As much as I appreciate your efforts to beautify my front lawn with the plastic baggie filled with rocks and a flier touting your landscape expertise, I am going to have to decline your offer. I’m rather fond of the natural look of my yard — the haphazardly planted tulips and crocuses that should be popping up any day now, the bushes nibbled on by the neighborhood deer, the stubborn bare patches that are the only legacy of our late Labrador retriever.

Also, as regular readers of the blog can attest, I really have no need for your special “punning” services.

Good luck with the job hunt and stay the heck off my lawn!



5 thoughts on “Poor landscaping

  1. I know it’s only a matter of time before Mr. Nguyen drives through my neighborhood. Wouldn’t it be easier for him to put a flier in the ‘Value Coupon Packet’ that I just received in the mail. On second thought, I’m thinking of landscaping my entire front lawn this year with the little white rocks. So everyone meet me at Stop & Shop this Saturday as I’ll be collecting the bags.

  2. I wonder what kind of response these people get from this kind of “Advertising”. I always get the flier stuffed into the flag on my mailbox. And, of course, the plastic bag filled with rocks and a flier.

    Oh, and Jenn, maybe he does provide special “punning” skills. You know what I mean…

    GG: “So, Mr. Nguyen, should I stay off the grass?”
    Mr. Nguyen: “Yes, that stuff is not good for you, besides, it’s illegal.”

    GG: “So, Mr. Nguyen, how do you like my tulips?”
    Mr. Nguyen: “Very nice, what shade of lipstick do you use?”

    GG: “Mr. Nguyen, you have a dirty hoe”

    OK, I’ll stop right here…but you get the idea…right?

  3. He’s just lucky he didn’t do his “delivery” before one of the recent snowstorms. My husband will occasionally discover the buried Globe with his snowblower. I can’t imagine his reaction to a bag full of ROCKS.

    Seriously, how is the baggie full of rocks a good business plan? If I was going to pay for landscaping, I don’t think I’d go with the rock guy.

  4. I used to get the baggie of rocks from Mr. Nguyen as well (he’s got a bad rep in my hood). I think that these rocks, along with the other crap that folks throw on your driveway, is nothing short of litter….which I believe should warrant a fine. Taking the “time” to place it in a mailbox is acceptable, but other than that, its litter.

    And by the way, loved your punning suggestions Bob C.!

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