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11 thoughts on “Poll: PAYT

  1. As much I hate the thought of this program, if it’s for the greater good than so be it. It looks like the town would have to come up with an additional $500K anyways, so what are our choices? Cuts at school? Other departments? Increased taxes? While it’s pretty much an IV in the taxpayers wallets that they can open at any time, what isn’t?

    Ultimately the money has to come from somewhere, so I say if we can force people to be more eco-friendly in leu of a tax increase, it’s the better option. I laughed when I saw the new pole because I was actually thinking after the last post, “You know, maybe this is the kick-in-the-ass I needed to start composting expired foods and such instead of throwing them out.” We’re really good about recycling everything we possibly can, including the trash people throw in front of our house, as well as composting any yard clippings and clean-up, so why not start with other degradable stuff. Less trash, more money in my pocket, right? Multiply a little effort times a lot of people and we’ve got something going.

  2. For comparison’s sake, the last poll came out 17 for PAYT, 27 against. That was here. (Note the numbers there may change if people go there and vote since the poll is still active, but that’s how it closed back in December)

  3. Cindy…if you pay for your trash removal already, are you still going to need to pay for bags under PAYT? Or, has your community of townhouse removed itself from the town service, so a PAYT change wouldn’t affect you?

  4. I’ll throw my 2 cents in:

    I thought my family was doing a good job of recycling. We usually have 2-4 bags of garbage in a week and our 2 bins of recycle are completely full every 2 weeks, along with paper bags filled with newspapers, junk mail, etc.

    Last week, something got accidentally tossed into the trash and I had to open up the bags to recover (yuck). As I was sorting through the trash, I was surpised to see a lot of other things that I thought could be recyclable. We recently stopped buying products that we thought were packaged wastefully, just to be environmentally conscious. But sorting through the trash, I realized there were more opportunities.

  5. Two questions/comments…
    1. Regarding condos/townhouses…if they are excluded, than it seems that PAYT is definitely in their best interest.

    2. I know someone from Worcester mentioned that the cost of bags could theoretically go up, and I was wondering if anybody knows if there would be any built in steps/increases for the cost of the bags…over a 10 year span.

  6. Michael,
    I used to live at Cindy’s Condo and was a trustee for three years. Condo owners and properties that are setup similar were excluded from town hauling trash pickup due to the planning of the developments. All in all, Cindy and her neighbors pay monthly fees that the association then pays for its own trash hauling, insurance, landscaping and snow removal and etc…
    One thing to mention, the trash hauling while I was living in a condo was that most anything could be tossed in the dumpster on site besides any hazardous waste…We were trying to get recycling in place however it was going to be an added cost to the association. At that time our association was two hundred per month and was going up due to increases all across the board.
    Another interesting point is what is the break down or percentage of homes that are receiving road side trash and recycling service versus the ones who are not…is it ten, fifteen or even twenty five percent?
    Also just because you live in a community that does not receive road side hauling does not mean that you pay less in taxes….

    Hope that helps..

  7. Hey Peter, how are you? Our fees are now $230 a month, but we finally have recycling! 🙂

    Peter definitely knows more about the condo stuff than I do. But I do know that it’s a common complaint of townhouse owners that we pay the same taxes as home owners, but then we still have to pay for our own trash removal, plowing, lighting, even hydrant water.

  8. Let me start out by saying that I support recycling and public policy to cut down on trash.

    But a tax is a tax – and I am not for more taxes. Furthermore, I am not for a tax being marketed to me as “protecting the environment”

    If one reads Tim’s letter, he states “I am writing today to detail a proposed program that will enhance revenues for the Town while protecting our environment.”

    If I follow the math:
    -$500k hauling
    -$500k tipping
    -$1M cost to town

    -$500k hauling
    -$0 tipping (covered by purchase of bags)
    -$500k cost to town netting $500k in (less cost, more revenue to the town)

    Residents need to understand that this issue is not about PAYT and the environment. That is a diversion.

    Do the people of Grafton want more (local) taxes in this economy ? That is the issue here -NOT the environment. That is what the debate should be!

    In other communities, where PAYT is an altruistic and genuine act to protect the environment the increased revenue due to PAYT, was reflected in a DECREASE in the tax rate.

    I’d also like to understand the impact to the budget of the ~$1m in stimulus money. Where will that be used ? How does that impact the revenue? Does it buy time to vet PAYT?

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