Progress on cable access

It came up a few times in the comments on PAYT, so I thought I’d bring it out here. At the very end of the Selectmen’s meeting last night, they asked if there had been progress on getting Grafton’s local channels into homes that use Verizon for cable — have you noticed that we can see Sutton and Millbury local access channels but not our own?

The town was told at the time they signed the contract, back in the fall, that we would be receiving local channels by May. Verizon apparently had a different interpretation, suggesting a couple months ago that the date would be later.

Rick Schultze, who usually prefers to just work the cameras at Selectmen, told the board Verizon has been working to get a direct feed from the studios and Verizon reps have apparently been doing some work around the Municipal Center as well.

No one seems to have a date yet, but it’s likely we’re going to be getting our channels back soon!


2 thoughts on “Progress on cable access

  1. Verizon recently stated their schedule to have the Access channels up is the end of July.

    The subject will be on the Cable TV Oversight Committee agenda for it’s meeting on Saturday.

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