Troubled bridge will be over waters

News last night on the Pleasant Street Bridge: trailers will be onsite next week and construction is set to begin in April.

This is not a drill! Repeat, this is not a drill! The bridge is coming! The bridge is coming!

Of course, this IS the Pleasant Street Bridge, so there’s a catch: the current design does not include sidewalks. This caused Selectmen to go slightly ballistic last night.

Mary Ann Cotton: “It’s absurd to build a bridge without a sidewalk.”

Peter Adams: “That will make it take another six years.”

MAC: “The amount of time they’ve spent to build this bridge — they owe us sidewalks. They owe us moving sidewalks.”

A letter has been sent requesting sidewalks. Or we could, you know, just walk on water, a miracle that would be akin to actually getting the bridge in place…


3 thoughts on “Troubled bridge will be over waters

  1. When they’re done building the bridge, will all of the workers march across it whistling the River Kwai song?

  2. If they finish that bridge before December, I’ll walk over the bring whistling the River Kwai son.

  3. When the bridge closed I stopped riding my bike to Silvertone Cafe in the morning for breakfast on Saturday – this because I don’t like 122 very much for a relaxing ride – so I know one person who will be cycling over that bridge singing some crazy tune before morning coffee. I’ll just pretend there’s a nice bike lane just for me and my family to enjoy.

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