A special birthday gift

Today’s heart-warming story is brought to you courtesy of my neighbors, who are involved with Birthday Wishes, a non-profit group that helps homeless children celebrate their birthdays in more than 70 homeless shelters across Massachusetts.

Mary Romaniec has been coordinating parties for the organization in the Worcester area. After she sent an email burst on our neighborhood list, Connie Esch and her daughter, Sarah, decided her birthday party plans would include helping children at Friendly House in Worcester celebrate their birthdays. You probably received the article in the T&G Flash this week, but you can read it online here.

Ooh, photos are by former colleague Paul Kapteyn.

For more information on Birthday Wishes, visit www.birthdaywishes.org or call (866) 388-9474, ext. 7224.

5 thoughts on “A special birthday gift

  1. Jenn ~

    Thanks so much for posting this on the blog – We had a wonderful experience and I know that others will to.

    I do hope this story will find its way into the hearts of your readers and that they will reach out to Mary or Birthday Wishes and choose to help out in some way too…

  2. What a wonderful way of giving back to the greater community. Imagine the impact to the child. Did anyone else see this story featured on the NBC World News tonight? Certainly inspires me to try and help out in some way.

  3. Teri –

    My mother actually called me to tell me it was on – she had seen the written article and that’s why she recognized the name of the organization.

    I have sent the link to Jenn – so hopefully she will be able to put it up for people to see.

    My daughter and I had a great time – We plan on doing it again – donating items such as disposable cameras with a gift card to have them developed, paper goods or even money its just so easy.

    The great thing about attending the party is that you actually get to see the wonderful smiles of all the kids and parents. The Mother of the young boy that was at the party came up to us at the end and gave Sarah and I a great big hug and thanked us for making her son’s day so special.

    I think I smiled the entire ride home.

    So please reach out to them – you will be glad you did πŸ™‚

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