Grafton to receive over $1 million in ed stimulus

If you picked up today’s Boston Globe and read that several poorer school systems, including Boston, would not be receiving any of the $168 million in federal stimulus funds announced by Gov. Deval Patrick yesterday, you probably wondered how Grafton stood.

I know I did. There wasn’t a chart, so I searched one out and found it here. Grafton stands to gain $1,080,287 , which appears to be on top of the stimulus funds announced last month by state Sen. Michael Moore. I can’t say how it’s going to fit into the overall budget, anyone know?

The formula used to determine which towns receive money — and how much — is related to increasing enrollment, of which Grafton, of course, has seen a tremendous increase.

Here’s another take on the visit by one of my favorite former colleagues, who was on the scene at Framingham’s Woodrow Wilson School for the announcement.


One thought on “Grafton to receive over $1 million in ed stimulus

  1. While 1 m is a nice chunk of change…what is up with “Wellesley is receiving $1.2 million.” I mean 1.2 mill for Wellesley?? Nothing for Boston Public?

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