More on PAYT

Ellen was nice enough to send me a report on the PAYT meeting and, of course, it ended up getting lost in the shuffle yesterday. There were only six residents and three recycling committee members as well as acting Town Administrator Tim McInerney.

He gave a brief overview of the program, why we need it ($$), he mentioned the warrant article.  I asked him what would happen if that passed.  He said they would have to have another town meeting to balance the budget to cover the $450k in that warrant article.

  • He passed around bags to let people feel the thickness, they seemed like good quality.
  • 2,100 + elderly people in town, he would make sure those of fixed income would get bags
  • You are encouraged to still put the bag inside a barrel to protect from critters
  • Bag price may go up or down. Up based on tipping fee increases out of our control or down based on substantial reduction in tipping fees due to increased recycling
  • if it doesn’t fit in a bag, you get 3 free bulky items per year, you have to call CMD to make pick up arrangements
  • Construction debris is never allowed in trash
  • Town is planning a Clean Out Day for June 20th
  • Right now, our taxes pay for 4 things 1) Trash hauling, 2) trash collection, 3) recyclable hauling 4) recycling collection.  This program simply moves one of these to a fee based program, so you would pay for Trash Hauling.  And it’s more like a utility.  You only pay for what you use.
  • Bags will be sold at several town stores, but NOT sold at Town Hall.
  • If this program takes off, we could look into picking up recycling 2x month, trash every other week. Oppositve of what we have now.  (but that’s long term)

Meeting probably lasted about 30 mins.  He’s intending to run more in the future.

Also, my voicemail coughed up a message from Tim from yesterday (where it had been hiding until this morning I have no idea). There is a petition out to get rid of PAYT on the Town Meeting floor. The warrant closed yesterday; I don’t know if it’s on it. I’m told Selectman Peter Adams, who voted against PAYT, was behind it.


3 thoughts on “More on PAYT

  1. I am confused – “if the program takes off we are going to have recycling pick up 2X per month and trash every other week?”

    That would be less than we have now – which is trash pick up every week and recycling every other.

    I really believe that we need a once a week recycling pick up as well as a once a week trash pick up.

    If we pay based on “tippage” what does it matter how often the trucks come around?

  2. Trash schedule will stay the same for now. This was an idea being tossed around by some who say that the recycling would increase with PAYT. I would imagine we have a long way to go before we get there. Right now we’re only hovering at a recycling rate of 20%. (There is alot of room for improvement.)

    Any chgs to the hauler’s pick-up schedule would require a contract change. An increase to pick-ups would require more $$ to the hauler. The more they run the trucks, the more we would have to pay them. (gas, manpower, ect…) So in a space of 2 weeks, their trucks run 3x around town (2x for trash, 1x for recycling)

  3. Not happy about this. This is not the time to increase taxes (already done over the last year) and usage fees while non-unionized workers are struggling to just make ends meet.

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