Another mystery tower

I mentioned last week that my son and I discovered teenagers parking at the top of an unfinished lot in Cortland Manor. Why were we there? We were kind of wondering about this:


See the tower up at the top? Here’s a better look:


What the heck is that thing?

As you can see, the brambles were a bit too thick for us to whack our way through without a machete. I keep meaning to drive up Potter Hill to see if I can get a better view from that side.

Is it a water tower? An elaborate playhouse made of cement? Did the asylum residents have a secret business building mystery towers around Grafton?

In any case, the view from the top of Cortland is rather nice, if anyone is in the market for an empty lot:


Kid not included.


9 thoughts on “Another mystery tower

  1. Shhhhhh….this whole farmers market thing is just a trick to set the stage for what we really want…a medeival fare in gtown!

  2. We have a medieval faire in Grafton — it’s run by the Lions!

    It should be somewhere between Potter Hill Road and Cortland Way, according to Google Maps. It doesn’t show on the satellite images. It’s really quite odd.

  3. I also posted this on Facebook and received this response:

    It is a playhouse, built by the owner of the house that it is in the backyard of. my kids and husband have climbed up to sneak into a couple of times. we have played with the idea of offering to buy it and move it to our property. from what I understand, it is no longer used, and may even be boarded up now… i used to yell at Jim and the kids for trespassing ever time they went up there… what if they have a Rotweiler or something??? Anyway, that is the poop as I know it..

  4. Are you serious? What happened to a rusty old swingset that came out of the ground everytime someone swung? I want whatever those parents are serving.

  5. is there an address we can use in Google Maps to get an overhead view of it? What street is it on or near?

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