Tim on PAYT

I don’t want to be the PAYT blog, but that’s what’s been coming my way today. Acting Town Administrator Tim McInerney (someday I will confidently type his last name without looking twice) is sending out a letter breaking down the costs to residents.

You could wait for it to come in the mail, OR you could just read it now. The choice is yours.


2 thoughts on “Tim on PAYT

  1. Same note I left under a different thread (sorry for the repeat but you never know who’s reading what….)

    New web page on the Town web site – one stop shopping for PAYT information and video:


    Subscribing to the email notification services offered by six town departments (Recreation, DPW, Board of Health, Emergency News, General News & Announcements, Council on Aging) can keep you informed on issues in real time. Enjoy….

  2. Just wanted to mention to the GG world, that someone (C?) told me that the town of Grafton has composters for sale. I had seen one at town hall sitting there and I always wondered. I went today to the DPW office on the second floor of town hall and bought my very own hot road Earth Machine/Composter for 32$ (very reasonable price, especially for new composters). It sounds like they have about 20 or so left, so you might want to check it out.

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