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I know — I’ve been writing about this a lot. What do you expect, it’s LAUNCH DAY!

We’re already getting major hits — I cannot believe the stats counter! — and here’s our first write-up in the Worcester Business Journal. Adam Gaffin at Universal Hub also jumped on it minutes after we went live and started directing traffic there (thanks Adam!).

I had to run out to the grocery store to restock the shelves — the kids reminded me they need to keep up their energy for MCAS this week — but I’ll get to adding in items people have been sending in (thank you) AND writing up the story on the dedication of the New England Regional Biosafety Labratory at Tufts sometime after I’ve thrown food into their mouths!


3 thoughts on “ in the news

  1. Congratulations! Love the new web site — you have more information than I would have imagined! Great, comprehensive site for local news and the happenings that people are talking about. Jenn, I am happy for you too! Your talent is amazing.

    Would you please consider running an editorial on the “Grafton Gorilla” rumor?

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