Skating by

I know — I know — I’m supposed to be the adult here. I’m supposed to go up to random teenagers who choose to use our beloved bandstand as a jump off point for their skateboarding and say in my best mom voice, “Don’t you know this is an historic artifact? Shouldn’t you be using the skateboard park?”


But ooh, shiny new Greater Grafton camera with an untested sports setting. Midair! The kid and his skateboard are in midair!

I then fixed them with the mom look and they skedaddled.


13 thoughts on “Skating by

  1. What about today’s breaking news…Swirls and Scoops opens! Have you caught any cones falling mid air when a child takes a big lick and the ice cream falls off the other side?

  2. No, but I promised the kids we’re going there right after school! (Because kids like ice cream. Yeah, that’s why I’m doing it.) I’m planning to take pictures then. 🙂

  3. This comment has nothin to do with skateboarding but i love how the creator of this blog no longer allows comments to be posted on the “courtesy” blog or the “yo yo yo” blog. You parents obviously can’t take any constructive critism for a teenager jus becuse we are younger then you. I know this comment will not be posted but i still have the right to voice my opinion. And to whoever made a post about teens not thinking of consequences, its called biology. The frontal lobe which is responsible for determining consequences does not fully form until the early twenties. Sorry that we teens are so stupid and can’t think.

  4. I’m allowing this one because it’s not laced with profanity and appears to be from an actual email address, two of the criteria for comments on the blog.

    The right to free speech allows you to say it, but does not force me to publish. I’ve had several students comment here who have met the guidelines and they’ve provided a useful viewpoint in our discussions about Grafton.

    Also, the frontal lobe excuse? Did not wash as a murder defense in a recent court case which one of my former reporters covered. It isn’t going to count as an excuse for spam, either.

  5. the frontal lobe thing was not an excuse, it was a joke. Like this blog, and all the other comments that come out of your mouth about us teens. I like how grafton has a blog. It is a resourceful tool and allows the residents of grafton to follow what is going on. But please only add things that are actually important, not things that bug you so you can say how poor our mother’s raised us. The mother who raised the “Honda child” is pretty much my second mother and one of the nicest and friendliest women in this town. She can also see situations through our view points, which many of you fail to do

  6. Yes, I know the mom of the “Honda kid” (hey guys, you are NOT anonymous at all on the web!) and I have to say, she would be pretty disappointed (and disgusted) if she knew how her kid and his friends have insulted moms via their blog comments… to sum it up: when they insult other moms in this town (whether those moms work inside or outside the home), they are insulting HER!

    So, please — stop making silly excuses for your behavior, and go give your mom a big hug and a kiss and thank her for the many sacrifices she’s made for you. Something tells me you owe it to her.

  7. Melissa, not to be rude or anything but you were the main person making these comments and attacking the teenagers of grafton. This is a great town and it is people like you who ruin it with your high egos and hypocritical comments. I also agree that it is a great idea to have a blog to keep the town informed on what is happenening but use it in a positive sense. Do not use it to make fun of the youth, that is simply just immature, like tagging “idoit teens”. As you have shown with your little rap there are some real idiot adults around here too. When you act immature towards teens, you should expect immaturity back. as for calling out the kids parents I believe some have crossed the line. You don’t know what they do every day so don’t judge. I’m sure every parent in grafton is for the most part proud of their kids, but they don’t think that their kids are better than everyone else like some do here. All i can say is act your age not your shoe size.

  8. Hey kids…let’s discuss the National Debt. Now there’s a subject that should open your eyes. You’ll be working 3 jobs to pay taxes so the gov’t can keep up on their interest payments.

  9. Yo yo yo, can we all stick a fork in this never ending spat? Its old, and time to move on. PAYT? Pleasant St Bridge, …I hear there are a couple Commission vacancies…Cheng Du…anything but this!

  10. I agree with Mo3 and Michael that we have more important things to discuss, but I wanted to say that I didn’t really mean to offend with my parody rap song. I happen to like Snoop Dogg (really!), and there were several reader comments poking fun with “gangsta” talk (which I find absurdly funny in a town like Grafton). I had the song in my head from my iPod, and couldn’t resist a bit of light teasing — hardly an attack on the town’s teenagers. But I guess I hit a nerve!

    I had no idea the hostility would get ratcheted up so quickly… Jenn received many offensive, not-so-anonymous messages (insulting moms in this town, no less), and I was the target of a particularly offensive e-mail (which Jenn did not publish, so readers didn’t see it).

    Lastly, I don’t choose the blog entry tags, I never called anyone an idiot, and I definitely don’t think all of the teenagers in this town are idiots.

    Just to set the record straight…

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