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So apparently the little nuisances at Swirls & Scoops the other day decided to comment on the blog. I tend not to approve posts that include links to images that are NSFW (really guys, I used to read medical journals over lunch — not only was that rather tame, but I also saw it first at Sybermoms), and the comments all came in within 5 minutes of each other, so I’m reproducing a few of the comments here.

Again, their parents must be SO proud.

“Non-mother” : mike potter  104 klan

“annnnonn”: the person owning this car is cool cause he’r in the…
[[104]] ofcourse

“G-student”: its is a douche bag thing to do but none the less the people were standing in the parking lot when they should not have been so technically they did not do anything wrong at all (technically)

“Welp”: linked to the NSFW image.

And what interesting Facebook footprints are all over the blog dashboard!


7 thoughts on “Yo yo yo

  1. Among the many many things in my commenting inbox:

    To Greater Grafton:

    Sorry to burst your anti-youth bubble, but non of the above posts were written by me (yes, this is the parking lot culprate himself). If you would be so kind to point out the line where immaturity is acceptable to me, maybe events such as this would be prevented in the future. Admitably, parking in that spot where the lines had been growing was a little unnessasary (sorry that some people had to take a few extra steps) but where do you get off taking pictures and posting it on this site so all of your soccer mom orange peel friends can snicker and make your “witty” little comments about it. Truthfully you are no better than I am, giving out personal information as to where I live, and poking fun at the car I drive (sorry if it isn’t as practical as your mini van). I have speculated that you will not post this but since you have exersized your freedom of speech, it would be unjust for you to silence me. Besides, I’m just an ignorant teenager with loud muffler…what do I know!?

    All together now…

    the kids play Little League!

  2. A wee bit of advice to our youthful commenter: Perhaps you should pay more attention in English class.

    You’re lucky Jenn can’t whip out her red pen in cyberspace!

  3. If the “culprate” himself didn’t want his ignorant behavior to be exposed, he shouldn’t do stupid things. Guess what, buddy – being held accountable for your actions is what life is all about.

  4. I believe the point being made by Greater Grafton is that the way your pulled in and parked your car posed a safety hazzard to the many people waiting in line. But considering the way I see teenagers flying through this town, safety is apparently the very LAST thing on your young minds. You perhaps feel that your privacy is being violated by the pictures- if you are so modest then next time don’t call so much attention to yourself in your manner of driving/parking etc.

  5. Another one from the spam filter:


    Dear Soccer Moms of Grafton,

    The United States government recently passed the Nineteenth Amendment
    to the United States Constitution. You are actually allowed to get jobs. I know that it is a crazy concept. Many in the Senate said that it would never work. Women should be in their house at all times cooking and cleaning. What is a respectable man without a clean house? But the good news here is that you know longer have to sit around and worry about others actions.
    Thank You for your time on neighborhood watch.
    President Woodrow Wilson

    Clearly, you haven’t been paying attention if you’re of the belief that the people who post on this blog are all stay-at-home mothers. And the term soccer mom is so 1998…

  6. I have to say that I agree in part with the young person whose comment Jenn initially posted here. I think that many of the adults have left insulting and immature comments associated with this post and the previous one re. Opening Day. Now, I haven’t seen all the comments in Jenn’s commenting inbox that she has chosen not to post, but I think the one above (spelling mistakes aside) holds some truth, is somewhat witty (I like the mini-van comment) and is not particularly immature. In Jenn’s defense, I don’t think she ever posted names or addresses, but there was speculation in the comments. I find it a bit offensive to imply that a poor and unnecessary choice at Swirls and Scoops is a reflection on someone’s parenting skills and that kids from homes with a stay at home parent are more mature or well adjusted as teenagers.

    And if someone could fill me in on the orange peel reference, that would be great.

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