Girl writes sports

I spent over 20 years in journalism (I’ve been hearing this stat a lot these days) and my personal stats card for all those years has me writing for every section of the newspaper save one.

I wrote for the front. I covered politics. I had a long stint in the features department. I’ve written for business, real estate and the Sunday news analysis page. I had frequent covers in health, fashion and arts.

Heck, I once had a story on the automotive front. It was originally intended for business but still — car story, section front.

In all that time, I never touched sports. Sure, I wrote the occasional story about a cheerleading squad (consigned to the Metro front because the sports editors didn’t consider girls in skirts to be athletes unless they were playing field hockey) or an ice skater (destined for features, because the guys in sports didn’t like sequins sprinkled into their sports mix). I even interviewed Curt Schilling, but he and his wife wanted to talk about skin cancer, so the pitcher and his bloody sock had the starting lineup on the health section.

Today, I’m happy to say, I wrote a sports story. It’s basically a feature story with ice, hockey sticks and a puck in it, but it’s still a sports story.

This is what happens when you’re the only writer on staff.

And speaking of sports and writing — can I throw out a request for more sports stuff? Right now I have a fair amount from Grafton Girls Softball and a couple things from Little League. I talked to Grafton Soccer and I’ve shot emails at the other children’s sport leagues in town.

We’re working on getting some high schoolers to cover Grafton High School games but, in the meantime, if anyone’s interested in shooting me some sports stuff — game photos and the like — contact me through


3 thoughts on “Girl writes sports

  1. Nice job on the Hockey story Jenn. And, to think…you didn’t even make any Don Rickles’ Hockey Puck references. (Though, I’ll bet you were tempted)

    My son is playing Little League this year, but I’ve got a feeling you’ll have that covered.

  2. That is a great story! Having been a long time hockey Mom, I was delighted to see such well deserved coverage for a clearly outstanding athlete. Jenn, between your blog and articles on, it is clear that you are a terrific journalist and can write about anything that crosses your desk! Grafton is lucky to have you!!!

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