PAYT: It’s for the birds

flamingo-trashOver at my day job, I finally got to talk with Peter Adams about his move to put PAYT on the Town Meeting warrant (Peter has been out of town).

Recent evidence has come to light that the program is also facing opposition from a surprising source: flamingos.

I can’t take credit for this photo. Doreen DeFazio passed it along and said it’s been making the rounds.

The question is: are plastic lawn flamingos recyclable? Or simply tacky in any form? (My father claims they’re only tacky in either even or odd years. I forget which. )


3 thoughts on “PAYT: It’s for the birds

  1. It is so annoying that people throw this stuff out, even if recycled. Why not use freecycle ( I’m sure someone would love to have those pink flamingos (seriously! as they say, one man’s trash…). It’s crazy the stuff some people just throw away:-(

  2. Flamingos are not tacky when put out in odd years if I have them out or in even years if I have them out. They are tacky whichever year others have them out.

  3. You can’t call plastic pink flamingos tacky! They are a Massachusetts invention! All hail Don Featherstone!!

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