The heck?

Last month, the Grafton Suburban Credit Union went before Selectmen seeking a zoning by-law amendment that would allow businesses to erect message board signs. You may recall the photos I took that night of similar signs at Koopman Lumber, Fitzy’s Car Wash and Gaudette Insurance, which the town’s building inspector believes goes against existing zoning.



Selectman Chris LeMay mentioned Tuesday that he noticed the sign was up and running what he believed was a test. This is about an hour ago. That doesn’t look like a test.

Did they figure everyone else was doing it, so why not?


2 thoughts on “The heck?

  1. I think the sign’s legal as long as the message isn’t changing. That’s what the bylaw amendment is meant to clear up.

    That way you can look forward to reading three messages from Gaudette, three from Fitzy’s, three from Koopman’s and three from the bank as you make your way down 122/140 (Unless your Kay Whynot’s friend Suzie Soccermom and you’re too busy texting, that is).

    [Maybe could license content to them to serialize on the signs!]

    All those businesses, all those flashing signs and the one with the line underneath it is the good old fashioned wood-and-paint sign at Swirls & Scoops. Wonder what that means?

  2. Keith is right. The sign is legal (see caveat below) as long as the message doesn’t change.

    If the by law amendment fails at town meeting, I believe the Zoning Enforcement Officer (ZOE) plans to enforce the bylaw as currently written and make these guys stop with the changing messages.

    The by law amendment is intended to define exactly what these signs can and can not do with respect to changing, flashing, moving, etc.

    If you don’t like these signs, and don’t want to see more of them, you will want to vote against the amendment at town meeting. The ZOE will then enforce the current bylaw and I suspect that will discourage more business from having these signs.

    The caveat from above: All of these signs are supposed to be turned off during non business hours. So, the GCU sign is legal only when they are open for business. I believe after town meeting we will also see that aspect of the bylaw enforced.

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