I seriously love this photo

I’m going through my raw footage from the Easter egg hunt this morning at the Nelson Library and I come across this image, which is a portrait I shot of one of the volunteers:

Killer Easter Bunny

The Bunny! It’s coming to get you! RUN!

At the time that I shot it, I’d planned to crop the bunny out of it — I interviewed her for the “Local Yocals”  section at GraftonTimes.com — but I can’t bear to do it.  I’ve been trying to figure out why I love this photo so much. It’s partially the bunny, partially the hat, partially her freckles and the fact that she and her friends were total balls of energy.

Anyway, if you were at the Easter egg hunt at Nelson this morning? Check out GraftonTimes.com first thing tomorrow — I may have taken your picture.

Menacing bunny not necessarily included.


9 thoughts on “I seriously love this photo

  1. Great shot Jen! That cutie-patutie face is familiar — my daughter’s face!

    Did you know her nickname since day one has been “Bunny-Girl?” You do now!

    I will switch over to the other site and read the interviews from the local yokels!

  2. I thought she might be! I haven’t put her “Local Yocal” up yet — on weekends I just try to get the main section fresh. It will go up first thing Monday!

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