Mystery on the Blackstone River

While wandering around near the Blackstone River yesterday taking pictures (if you haven’t guessed already, I’m working on a story about the Fisherville/Farnumsville Streetscape project for Monday), I stumbled upon this:


It was a perfectly graded track, with moguls and curves, tucked into an area between the Blackstone River and Blackstone Canal. It had recent use, judging from the bike tracks.

I just had to marvel at how perfect the thing was. Parts of it were framed in birch logs. The hills were all uniform. Was it an Eagle Scout project? Was it done in secret? Who uses this thing? Was it all done by hand or did someone somehow manage to get a machine back there?

I only wish I found someone on a bike actually using the course!


3 thoughts on “Mystery on the Blackstone River

  1. I wonder if the Environmental Police know about that. I have to imagine the building of a road there would need an environmental study and license from the EPA.

  2. It’s not a road, it’s a closed circuit track. I’d hope the Enviromental Police would be more concerned about the massive amounts of discarded Gatorade and Jack Daniels bottles, among other trash, on the site than a track carved out of scrub brush.

  3. I’ve driven on roads that were less distinct than what you have pictured here. And yeah, the trash should be a call to arms, but outside of Alice’s Restaurant no one really raises arms against litterers.

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