The Little League conundrum

We’re officially back in the swing of Little League season and I’m facing my annual spring dilemma: when the heck is everyone supposed to eat?

My son has practice at 5:45 p.m. My husband doesn’t get home until after 6 p.m. I’m usually writing something until then (my mind does not believe it’s time to write until it’s close to deadline, and I can’t seem to get it to understand that deadlines are a lot more flexible these days). Practice doesn’t finish until 7 p.m., technically, but coach and the boys seem to want to squeeze every single second of light out of the day.

I can’t feed him right before practice. Vomit really doesn’t impress someone who is trying to figure out what position you should play. After practice gives us the ever-valuable family mealtime, but it’s late — and who is going to cook it?

I’m going to either have to do the Dream Dinners thing again (a bit pricey and salty) or cook meals for the week ahead of time on weekends. Because lately, practices are also competing with night meetings and citizens’ police academy for me — and the family, no matter how Italian, can only eat pasta so many days a week!

And here’s the “I didn’t-know-that” of the day: practice today was behind the Millbury Credit Union on Rte. 122, which has a full baseball field. Who knew?


11 thoughts on “The Little League conundrum

  1. I have never had Dream Dinners but I will tell you that Super Suppers in Westboro has saved us many a nights … and no one ever complained about them being too salty – we are pretty sensitive about that too…What’s great is that you can stop by their store and grab something all ready to go into the oven…

    I hope that helps…

  2. I really don’t see what your problem is…swing by the BK drive through and pick up a couple #6s….mmmm, yummy in the tummy and the kids will love ya!

  3. Sarah’s mom – I got an e-mail yesterday that the Super Suppers in Westboro is closing! I forget the date, maybe the end of May? I loved the convienence of having those dinners in the freezer, but I thought they were overpriced. For those nights we have soccer practice, the kids usually eat early, then whoever is left has leftovers. Then when the kids gets back from practice, I have to feed them again.

    Spring is always busy with sports and school activities.

  4. We do Dream Dinners, and my husband cuts all the salt down when he prepares the dinners. So there’s that. The downside is that you have to thaw most of them out a few days in advance (ok so my fridge runs really cold!)

    Also, you might check out for some great recipes that you can put in and forget. 🙂

  5. My main issue with the salt in Dream Dinners is in some of the ingredients they use which contain salt I can’t control. Also, they tend to take up a lot of room in my already-crowded freezer! I have enjoyed going there, however; some of the meals are very good.

    I definitely need to drag out the crockpot again — and warmer weather means we can start grilling! I completely got out of working mom mode during my little stint with unemployment.

  6. Romey’s by Koopman’s has a great selection of premade items in the case…just purchase what you need by weight and add a bag salad! We had coconut chicken, chicken parm, chicken cacciatore and american chop suey the other night and they were quick and delicious…with plenty of leftovers for under $25 for 4 people!

  7. Jenn,
    I got takeout last night, It was well worth it.
    In my nephew’s first game in Little Leaque he hit a Triple and
    4 RBI’s I never forget his Smile after realizing what he had done!

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