I know…

… I’m neglecting my first-born. I truly need a USB port into my brain these days!

I expect I’ll be back to posting at least once a day once I settle into some kind of routine at GraftonTimes.com, much like a household is in absolute chaos until the baby learns to distinguish night (the time you sleep) from day (the time you coo and spit up). My real-life babies took a while to determine that — my son wouldn’t sleep more than 20 minutes at a stretch until he was a month old. Hopefully the virtual baby won’t require quite that amount of attention.

In any case, some news from last week that I neglected to post. For those of you keeping up with the ongoing LeClaire/Cortland Manor saga, I regret to inform you that Jon LeClaire & company were no-shows at last week’s Planning Board meeting. He did show last month and was given until last Monday to fix the potholes on Cortland Way and attend to a number of other items before the town would extend his building permit.

Needless to say, LeClaire did not get his extension and the town is starting default proceedings to collect on the bond put up back when Cortland Manor started construction back in 2003. The bond money would be used to complete the road to get it to a standard which would be acceptable by the town.

I’m told this is probably the first of several subdivisions that this may be happening to — anyone live in another neighborhood that’s under construction?


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