Week 4: Still no trouble finding news

katy-perry-and-julie-melloMy “front page” amuses me today. It contains both Katy Perry (wearing a watermelon outfit designed by a Grafton High School alum) and a couple of drunken cops.

Daily news in a small town does not have to be dull!

I do have to hand it to Officers Crosby and Swift — they were a couple of very cheery inebriates and, really, I did give them the option of refusing to be photographed (one could argue that they were not legally able to give consent, but they taught last week’s class — they knew I was there!). You do have to like someone who isn’t afraid of looking ridiculous.

Among the items I ended up leaving out of the story was Officer Collette’s unofficial list of the best places to hit a deer in Grafton. You’re advised to drive carefully in the following areas, especially since the deer start going nuts around this time:

  • Rte. 140
  • Crosby Road
  • Near the Mass Pike

I’ve come close to striking deer in all three areas, so I agree with his list!

Next week, I’m not only going to prison, but I’m also going to be riding around in a cruiser for the night.


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