It’s a picture-posting marathon!

Behold, the kid:


He bats!


He pitches!

missmegan He takes entirely too much attention on a certain little girl’s 9th birthday!

‘She didn’t seem to mind, though. She’s used to her family party consisting of a parade, sometimes followed by a game, followed by everyone at the house FINALLY giving her birthday presents.

Anyway, I’ve finally finished updating the Grafton Gallery with photos and cutlines from the day — and I’m now settling in to write the story that will post at 1 a.m.

Hopefully, with video. I will reiterate here that I’ve never edited video on this computer with this software, so I’m not promising anything. I am, however, making the attempt!


One thought on “It’s a picture-posting marathon!

  1. I checked out the gallery at Grafton Times. You managed to get a shot of my son, front and center, carrying the flag. Nice…I’ll have to show him when I get home.

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