Send in the clones!

I must be slipping. Total photos taken today of the School Report Card, Gazebo Road Race AND Grafton Softball Opening Day: 175.

Seriously, whose bright idea was it to have all of those happening at the same time on the same Saturday morning? Can we get someone over at Tufts working on a clone for me? I don’t mind if it’s a sheep me,  just as long as it can take pictures and, you know, write.

And finally…


Hi Michael!


3 thoughts on “Send in the clones!

  1. I’m thinking David Hasselhoff with a shirt on. Oh yeah, you know what in talkin about!

  2. I’m just disappointed we didn’t get “secret weapon” in a stroller!

    And thank you for keeping your shirt on. It was too early for beefcake. 🙂

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