Town Meeting Bingo

OK guys, this Town Meeting is shaping up to be a long night, so I thought we’d make things a little interesting.

I found a site for make your own Bingo cards. That gives us 25 spots for Town Meeting Bingo.

Let’s make a list of TM cliches. We’ll stick ’em on boxes in the cards and the game starts when Roger Trahan calls the meeting open.

Just for Bill Robidoux, I’ll suggest this one: a reminder to speak into the microphone.

I have others, but I’m opening up the floor for debate…


18 thoughts on “Town Meeting Bingo

  1. “my name is Scott Brown and I live on….(FYI, I’ve got major respect for that guy).

  2. I’m thinking we may have to give Scott the coveted Paul Lynde center square.

    Since PAYT is #5 with a bullet, I’m calling “it’s a hidden tax” or any variant.

    I figure we’ll just make up a list and if we have over 25, we can put them to a poll. Or just make a card with our favorites. Players can text me when they have BINGO.

  3. “with all due respect”

    “hidden tax”

    “hold!” (as in hold that budget line!)

  4. Ok this may actually get me to the town meeting…when is it? If I yell out “Bingo” will anyone buy me a drink?

  5. May 11.

    I think if anyone actually yells out “bingo!” Roger is forced to, by town charter, publicly disembowel me on “2 Guys Who Like To Talk” the following Wednesday (we’re supposed to be on it, unless TM is continued to that night, to discuss Town Meeting).

    Additional suggestion from Facebook: a comment that the person who is asking a question about the budget should have attended a Finance Committee hearing.

  6. I might need to bring that fancy hearing “enhancer” they advertise on TV now where the lady yells out Bingo! God I hate that commercial.

    Here’s a few more… “drastic cuts” or “cuts in state aid”

  7. “Move the question” (that one WILL happen during PAYT.
    “Paper Ballot” (I’m betting that one happens during PAYT too)
    “Mr. Moderator, a point of order”
    “Please wait for the microphone”
    “substitute motion”
    “I rule your amendment out of order”
    “pass over”

  8. “Please use the microphone, folks at home will not be able to hear you.”

    “I just got an update, and so everybody knows, the score of the Celtics, Bruins, or Red Sox game (that we are all missing) is X to Y.”

  9. Ooops, just saw that BillMc snagged my microphone one.

    How about….
    “Please direct your comment through me, the moderator, and not directly to a member in the audience.”

  10. Speaking into the microphone was the first one on the list. 🙂

    How about a wait of 20 minutes or longer while something is clarified?

    This may be too subtle a judgment call for Town Meeting Bingo, but how about a not-so-veiled slam of a public official?

    Also, a big rule of TM Bingo: do not do any of the above just to mark off a bingo square.

  11. And of course, a comment in reference to the incredibly hard work & time that has been put in over the past six months by various town committees in order to come up with a budget…. which is subsequently chucked out the window because a good natured citizen wants another police officer.

  12. GG…in regards to your comment: “How about a wait of 20 minutes or longer while something is clarified?”, I think there should be some form of entertainment or local advertising during these times. Mr. T says…we’ll be right back while we clarify this point of order, the curtain is drawn, and line dancers stream in from the sides singing a jingle for a local business or farmers market.

  13. We could have a not-ready-for-prime-time players team that would perform skits about Grafton! Bellingham used to have a revue called the Bellingham Black-Outs which, granted, did not perform during Town Meeting, but maybe a little TM improv is called for to attract a crowd?

    Surely somewhere in Grafton, there’s someone with a dead-on Tim McInerney impression. Besides Tim, of course.

  14. How about during that 20 minute clarification, the lights go out and …. laser tag!! Picture all the neon colors!

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