Ball humbug

It’s amazing, isn’t it, how quickly we move from “Hurray! Little League season is here!” to “Crap, I can’t believe there’s a game tonight.”

In my case, it’s the weather. It’s gray, damp and miserable outside. The absolute last thing I want to do tonight is to sit on a cold baseball field and follow it up with a hot, refreshing Board of Selectmen meeting.

What I want to do: have dinner. Watch “American Idol.” For crying out loud, people, Slash is this week’s mentor and I need to see if he has eyes under all that hair/sunglasses.

Alas, duty calls. At least the game’s at Ferry field — arrive early enough and we can watch from the heated minivan!


4 thoughts on “Ball humbug

  1. YAY! Game called off. Just as he finished getting his uniform on.

    We opted instead to cover his Earth Science text with a paper bag. It’s been covered with a fabric cover since the start of the year, but the teacher just discovered the too-small-but-stretchy covers have been damaging the books. She told everyone to go home and ask their parents how to cover books with paper bags.

    He was impressed with how quickly I was able to do it. I told him it’s traditional to write the names of your favorite bands all over the front, plus add hearts with the initials of your best friends and their boyfriends/girlfriends with the letters “TLA.”

    “What if you break up?” he asked.

    “Then you go around and cross out all the hearts on all your books and your friends books,” I said.

    “So much for True Love Always,” he said.

  2. I hear there are a group of crazy yahoos that will be standing on the common in this rain at 7 pm to discuss secret vegetable and fruit secrets.

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