Everything happens for a reason

ghs-mock-crash-1I was extremely well organized this morning. Or so I thought.

I called the high school to check on the status of the mock car crash, which was postponed due to rain yesterday. It’s still on, I was assured. The weather looks good.

“That’s 9:30, right?” I asked.

It wasn’t. As I left the house at 9:20, camera bag in hand, I glanced at my iPhone calendar. It had the original accident time as 9 a.m.

Crap. I rushed to the school just in time to see a fire truck pulling out and two cars crashed in the middle of an empty parking lot. I’d missed the accident.

I frantically took notes in the auditorium and shot pictures, but they just weren’t the same. I wanted a car accident. I needed a car accident. I was betting plenty of people had driven by the high school during the mock crash, saw the emergency vehicles and were wondering what the heck was going on. They were going to be going to GraftonTimes.com — and I needed to show them a darned accident, not a bunch of kids in prom gowns in an auditorium wearing stage makeup after the fact.

I confessed my issue to Principal James Pignataro and, naturally, he had a solution. Lots of people had been taking photos, but he snagged a student and asked me to take me to a particular classroom where he knew one student would be certainly downloading photos.

That’s how I met Brigette Holloway-Jackson, a GHS senior who shot nearly 200 photos of the scene. She’s hoping to do something with photography professionally and quite nicely zipped all her photos onto the thumb drive I keep in my purse for tech emergencies like this one.

If you check out the story here, you can see just a few of the ones she shot. I had a hard time whittling them down. She has a great eye for an accident scene and, frankly, I doubt I could have done it better myself.

So really, I was late for a reason. Brigette, thank you for the photos and remember, you have my business card — we need to talk about internships and photography!


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