Prom night on the Common

You really have to love a town where everyone — and I do mean everyone, there were people out with lawn chairs just to watch — heads over to the Common for pre-Prom pictures.


The crowd, and competing with everyone to get a shot, didn’t make it one of my best nights (as my photographer friend Allan says, “You’re a decent photographer. For a reporter.”) but there’s a slew of pix over at the Grafton Gallery. I’m probably in a bazillion pictures taken by prom-goers — sorry about that!

It was sweet how many kids were posing with their families. That wasn’t an aspect of prom in Bellingham back in the ’80s. Limos were a rarity, too, nevermind an entire rented school bus.

My totally awesome ’80s prom gown — it was a Gunne Sax, of course, featured in Seventeen magazine. Red, dotted swiss, strapless (scandal!), big ruffle at the top, giant skirt with lots of tulle underneath. My best friend wore a white dress with little red hearts all over it. Everyone told us all night we looked like photo negatives of each other.


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