Get your bingo cards!

All right, I’ve tallied up the various suggestions and come up with a list of Town Meeting cliches for the very first game of Town Meeting Bingo. In no particular order:

  1. Hidden tax
  2. Wait for the microphone!
  3. A reference to the economic climate
  4. Speak into the microphone
  5. You should have gone to Finance Committee
  6. A reference to people on a fixed income
  7. Scott Brown speaks!
  8. Announcement of a game score (who is playing Monday, anyway?)
  9. Hold! (on a budget item)
  10. “Keep it the way it is”
  11. A veiled slam at a town official
  12. Amendment
  13. Crowd leaves after an article vote
  14. Move the question!
  15. “I’m a lifelong resident…”
  16. A reference to a policy being “anti-business”
  17. A wait for clarification
  18. A motion to adjourn the meeting under Wednesday
  19. What about the children?
  20. Pass over!
  21. Point of order
  22. Out of order
  23. Comment through the moderator, please
  24. Some of us have to work tomorrow, it’s getting late
  25. Powerpoint!

All right, take these terms and go here. Follow the directions and enter each term into the box. Hit “free bingo space” and behold: a bingo card! You can shuffle the boxes (note one term will be eliminated in favor of a free bingo space, which will be placed on the card randomly) until you have what you believe is a winning card lineup.

Print it out and bring it to Town Meeting Monday night. The game gets underway once Roger Trahan has called the meeting to order and has explained the rules of Town Meeting (you don’t get points when he explains that you have to speak through him the first time).

Mark down the time on each square when you’ve hit your cliche. Five in a row is bingo! When you hit bingo, write down the time and post your time here on Tuesday. Do NOT yell “Bingo!” I’d prefer not to get ejected from Town Meeting.

I’ll be printing up a few cards to take with me to the meeting, so if you forget a printout and still want to play, see me before my supply runs out.

Also, I believe Roger Trahan and I are still on for “2 Guys Who Like to Talk” on Wednesday, where we’ll be recapping Town Meeting (unless the darned meeting carries over until Wednesday night), so I’ll announce the first-ever Town Meeting Bingo winner there.

And yes, I’m working on a prize!

8 thoughts on “Get your bingo cards!

  1. As luck would have it, all 3 of the active sports franchises have Monday night off! Maybe we can all get a free pass on that square, too?

  2. I was worried that would be the case! Save that for “any reference to sports,” be it a congrats to a local team for doing well or a “thank god we’re not competing against the playoffs again” comment.

  3. Is this a cover all, an X pattern or 5 in any direction? I think it should be a cover all, TM wouldn’t be complete without all the comments.

  4. Cover all won’t work, becuase we all pretty much have the same phrases, save for one.

    I say a big X.

    I’m going to have a hard time not yelling Bingo.

  5. I say we get a microphone & announce our names & street address & proceed to say we have “bingo”. And make sure you all wear those Miracle Ear devices so you can hear all the phrases!!!!

  6. My card is printed…but there was no free space on mine ! I’m going to be hardpressed to not yell bingo. Straight up down, across, X. Whatever.

  7. I was told by a few people in my travels today they had printed up multiple bingo sheets, so I have a feeling more people are playing than actually read the blog!

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