NY or bust!

I’m on the Amtrack to. NYC right now with my mother, daughter and an American Girl doll named Crystal, so we’ll have to tackle the budget portion of Town Meeting after that.

Miss Megs is determined to get on the Today show but forgot to pack her ” go Red Sox and GraftonTimes!” sign. Pity, it had glitter and everything.

I’ll have to torture the men with an AG store recap later. That’s first on the to-do list. Lots of shopping and sightseeing! It’s her first trip to the Big Apple, so the usual things are on the list — Statue of Liberty (just the ferry), Empire State building, and so on.


4 thoughts on “NY or bust!

  1. I highly recommend the double-decker bus tours – you can get on and off all over whatever section of NYC you get tickets for. And, if you happen to be stuck on one during a major thunderstorm (been there done that), they give you a poncho! šŸ™‚

  2. Hi Jenn,
    You HAVE to go to KATZ’s Deli!! The pastrami is to die for!! You won’t regret it. 205 East Houston Street.

  3. Have a great time!

    And if you can squeeze it in – a carriage ride through Central Park is a fabulous time!

    Oh – I so love NYC – I wish I was on that train with you!

  4. A real NY Deli will have Tongue on the board. On another topic, I know of a good real deli in Brookline called Zaftigs Deli… on Harvard ave.(properly spoken without the “r”) Good food!!!

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