The elephant in the room

Cab driveI’m back from New York — after shooting only 174 photos over three days (this is the scene from our crazy cab ride through Times Square, which almost got us squished by a converging bus. I’ve never had such a fun cab ride) — and I’m still catching up with everything. I’ll get to the Town Meeting recap sometime after my son finishes his homework on the computer today, I hope.

So I hear there have been interesting happenings while I’ve been gone! Care to chat?


6 thoughts on “The elephant in the room

  1. I found this really cool new online … gaming site. You can play black jack all night long!

  2. I heard about Bradishes all the way in NYC — I wonder who emailed me?

    Darn, that iPhone sure is a handy device. I hear you can text entire blog entries from Town Meeting with it. You know, for the people at home who switched to Verizon, have to stay home with the rug-rats yet still want to know what’s going on at Town Meeting. You can even start your news story right there on the Town Meeting floor!

    We call it “multi-tasking,” but we’re hip that way.

  3. Another apostrophe catastrophe — front page, no less — courtesy of The Grafton News. But that’s not the elephant.

  4. I love Strunk & White. We had to buy it, along with the AP Stylebook, for the intro to journalism class and our second assignment was to write White’s obituary (the first, of course, was to write our own, without dramatic embellishment). I now have an updated AP Stylebook on my iPhone (useful when you’re writing at Town Meeting and need to check if something is hyphenated) but the same old copy of S&W.

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