Sneak preview

laurenShe’s gorgeous.

She’s sweet.

She grew up in Grafton.

And if you ever tried to lay a hand on her, her daddy doesn’t have to resort to a handgun — as all of Grafton knows, he has the gift of gab, and he’s not afraid to use it.

Coming tomorrow over at  Get to know Lauren Browne.

Um, yeah, I kept the “Project Runway” talk to a bare minimum.

Edit: Story is up!


6 thoughts on “Sneak preview

  1. Every time I run in to town to pick something up “Real Quick”, when I get home, my wife would ask what took me so long. I just tell her I ran in to Scott Browne…’nuf said…

    I love talking to Scott…and the last time I saw Lauren, I think she was a freshman in high school. After reading your piece in Grafton Times, all I can say is WOW!!! Scott must be a very proud dad.

    Nice interview Jenn.

  2. I hadn’t even made the connection between “Lauren Browne, Project Runway” and “Scott Browne, Town Meeting talker” until Carmela mentioned it at Town Meeting. Scott dropped by our office earlier this week and, after talking about trash can thefts and generally shooting the breeze, I finally pounced and said “So! Tell me about Lauren!”

    Naturally, he was perfectly willing to talk about her, too. THAT’S a proud dad. And Lauren was just lovely on the phone. At one point, she says “You were worried I wouldn’t be talkative? Have you MET my father?”

  3. Wow you sold out your source…now I know you won’t go to jail for me 😉 She looks stunning in those photos…and I swear I saw her in a Loreal print ad. Did my eyes deceive me? I remember seeing the first PR and thinking “That’s Lauren-She’s from Grafton!” but it was 10:30 pm. in my living room and the dog did not care.

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