Under the lights

What’s that you say? I’ve been shockingly remiss in posting photos of Grafton’s Little League fields this season?


You’re right. I’ve totally been neglecting my Little League duties.


What’s WRONG with me?

Oh. Right. I did kind of get a job that involves spending a great deal of quality time with the Greater Grafton camera taking pictures around town. I do end up ducking out part way through The Kid’s games to cover things like Selectmen and prom night.


So today, I give you scenes from Friday night’s double-header at Ferry Street field. That’s our coach, telling kids where they’re going to play next inning using the handy visual aid in the dugout.


This year, I’m happy to report that one of The Kid’s best friends is once again on the same team. My happiness is two-fold. One, I like his parents and hate to sit on opposite sides of the field when our kids happen to be playing against each other, and two…


… he’s really turned into a power hitter this year and I just don’t have it in me to root against him.


I mean, could you? I think not.


I wasn’t taking notes — I had a night off, for crying out loud — but I believe this was a Grand Slam and the kids just piled on after the batter hit home.


Possibly this was a group hug. They’d probably prefer that I call it something more manly, though.


I love dugout pictures. They are always trying to out-cool each other at the fence.


My discovery this night — for some reason, I never thought of the stairs on the side of the concession stand as a potential vantage point for pictures. Maybe it’s the knowledge that, at any given point, my innate klutziness will take over and send me headlong off the side.


But you can’t argue with the fact it’s a great vantage point. We’re totally winning here, by the way.


So how is the kid doing this season? Well, he’s in the majors and it’s his first time. He was a little intimidated, but this was the game he finally decided to step out and bring it on.


As did the rest of the team — that first game was a bit of a blow-out.


Bases are loaded here, if you couldn’t tell by the body language.


Looks like the pep talk worked! Actually, my son thinks this might have been a ball that brought the guy on third home to score.


I’m happy to note that so far this season, parents appear to have behaved so the backstop isn’t covered by a tarp to avoid back-talk.


Thank GOD his mother didn’t see this one. The ball almost took his head off!


And again, the photographer’s dilemma: chain-link fence, artsy or annoying?


Coach: You played a great game. Hope you saved something for the next game. I’m going to let you eat between games but I don’t want any barfing on home plate or I’m going to starve you next time.

Or something like that.


“Good game. Good game. Good game. Man, I’m starving. Good game. Good game.”




Between games report: graffiti has not changed much since I was in high school. The high schoolers of today don’t seem to write “Kill Pigs,” though, which can only be a good thing. That was a staple at good ol’ BHS.


And now, your moment of cute!




At this point I noticed the announcer’s box was open so I snuck inside. Nice view.


Here is also where my camera started telling me the batteries were dying. I started scrambling to shoot as much as I could before things faded to black because, for once, I wasn’t carrying back-ups.


Batteries are dying!


Quick, grab a picture of the catcher in his awesome all-red gear!


Run to get a photo of the field as the sky goes dark!


Oooh, pretty sky! And fade to black.


Great games, kiddo.


3 thoughts on “Under the lights

  1. Last week, we were at Ferry. My daughter’s 7 yr old friend started reading all the flowery expressions on the bleachers. OH DEAR!!! He didn’t grasp the full meaning of what he was saying. They really ought to paint over those seats!

  2. Little League game late night to end the weekend, can’t get better than that! Sad to see the damage to cars in Grafton from the hail.

  3. None sadder than my husband. We only got the RAV-4 on Thursday! Luckily, you can’t really see the dents unless you’re looking closely.

    We were surprised to have damage to our camper — luckily we haven’t gotten around to popping it up yet or it would have been worse. More things to fix!

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