PAYT for me

I’m in the middle of cleaning out my 9-year-old daughter’s room, including the closet, in preparation for PAYT coming in and the June 20 Clean-Out day.

I’ve been separating everything into clothes good enough for donating, good enough for eBay (do I have time to eBay?), recyclables, etc.

What the heck do you DO with stuffed animals that are no longer loved, anyway? I hate the idea of just throwing them away — there are so many of them — but I doubt Goodwill wants them if they’re not new.

And why are little girls so obsessed with stashing things in little boxes and bags?

And why does she keep sneaking the circle on a stick from Many Thanksgivings out of the trash pile? It’s a circle on… a stick. An old stick that has bark flaking off it.

Also, the child has more purses than ME. And some of them are cuter than mine. You can definitely tell that for quite a while, she was the only girl grandchild/niece!


13 thoughts on “PAYT for me

  1. Too funny, we’ve been slashing and burning all over the house (tomorrow is the garage!) for the June 20th gig. Anybody know if they’ll have burgers and hotdogs there?

  2. Hi Jenn,
    Here’s an organization that will take used stuffed animals, clean them up & ship them out to needy kids.

    You have to ship them out to CO but they’re pretty light so it should cost much.

  3. No hot dogs, maybe next year. But you will get a coupon for a free ice cream @ Swirls & Scoops!!

  4. Mom of 3 –
    thanks so much for that web site – I can’t tell you how many stuffed animals we have accumulated over the past 10 years…I too do not want to throw them away and this seems like a very worthy cause…
    thanks again 🙂

  5. We posted an ad on craigslist to get rid of our bags (numerous) of stuffed animals. A couple went to less fortunate indviduals, others went to organizations. They all seemed very pleased to get them, and I was glad to get rid of them.

  6. Does anyone know when PAYT will officially start? I haven’t seen any notice from the town, nor any direction as to where to buy bags. I assume it starts July 1, yes?

  7. Great comment on donating stuffed animals. Does anyone have any good ideas to involve your kids in recycling/donating toys? My daughter says she wants to keep everything when it gets to that point…once she even said that she wanted to keep a baby toy to give to her daughter when she has one…(she is 5)…

  8. Here is what I do…..
    When the little darlings go to school or are out of the house, I clean stuff out a little at a time. They never even miss it.

    You will never get a kid to willingly give up their stuff. So why even try. Save yourself the stress & aggravation.

  9. South Grafton Troop 112 Sponsored Rummage Sale

    June 20 – Clean out day is just around the corner. Do you want to an easy and inexpensive way to have a Rummage Sale? Troop 112 is having sponsoring a Huge Indoor Rummage Sale at St. James Church, 89 Main St ., South Grafton on June 20th from 9-1.

    For only $20 per 6’x8’ including a table 3’x6’, you will be supporting scouting and able to sell your treasures. You are responsible for all unsold items. What you don’t sell, you can bring it to clean out day.

    Please contact Cindy at 508-839-9326 to book your space. There are no costs for advertising. Thank you for supporting Troop 112.

  10. I knew PAYT started July 1, but I’m dismayed that there is no information on the town’s website, few residents who don’t actively attend Town Meeting or come to sites like this have knoweldge of it, etc. etc. I’ll bet that come the first trash pick-up day in July there will be countless households who don’t put out PAYT bags. There has been a lot of discussion about PAYT and plenty of “informational” sessions — but no implementation communication. I hope the flyer to all residents is well written and well received. If I can get an automated phone call telling me that Brigham Hill Road is being paved (when I don’t even live anywhere near there), why is the communication about PAYT so poor? It seems like it stopped after “this is what we plan to do … next discussion at Town Meeting!”

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