Aging gracefully

So Jenn! How do you feel about turning 42?


Oh yes, there’s a story there. It’ll be on Monday morning.

My son threw a fit when he heard I not only got to shoot an M16, but also got to fire it on the automatic setting (at least he’s happy with the casing I brought home as a souvenir). Detective Kuck is a very brave man!

P.S. Two of my birthday presents will hopefully turn out to be useful both on Greater Grafton and on and its expanding media empire (fiefdom? village?). My husband gave me a book on digital photography; my mother gave me “Word Press for Dummies.” Oh, and my son gave me “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog,” but I’m not planning on “Greater Grafton: The Musical” any time soon.


6 thoughts on “Aging gracefully

  1. Happy B-Day. I’m trying to figure out what those two dudes next to you are thinking/saying. “Um…I’ve never seen anybody use an automatic weapon with a target 5 feet away and STILL not hit it anything. Good thing she is just a blogger.”

  2. I think I only hit the target 3 times with the M16. I did better with the Glock.

    The most impressive person in the class was MAC, who had an impressive cluster of bullet holes in the center of her targets. I wasn’t the least impressive — that would be the only one of us who actually had not only shot before but also had a gun permit.

  3. My wife was there. She brought home her two target sheets…It looked like she did fairly well. I don’t know how many rounds she fired, but there were about 10 – 12 holes in each sheet…and most of them were on target. I don’t think any single shot would have killed him, but they would have at least stopped him. That’s probably all that matters.

    Figure this out…a few weeks after having major surgery, and she’s out firing a freak’n shot gun. Sheesh…

    BTW…Happy Birthday, Jenn.

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