The best news you’ll see all day

OK, maybe only if you’re a fan of local access cable and have switched to FiOS?

We have our stations back!

Grafton Community Television is thrilled to announce that as of June 17, all three Grafton Access Television Channels are now available on Verizon Cable!

Verizon subscribers can find Grafton Community Television, Public Access, on Verizon Cable Channel 34, Grafton Government Television, Government Access, on Verizon Cable Channel 33, and Grafton Education Television, Education Access, on Verizon Cable Channel 32. The signals simulcast from the GCTV Studio at 296 Providence Rd., and the exact same content is available to both Charter and Verizon customers with regard to regular live broadcasts from the GCTV Studio and regularly scheduled programming on all three channels.

Live broadcasts from remote locations, such as the Grafton Municipal Center, Grafton High School and Grafton Common are not yet available to Verizon customers; however, the groundwork has been laid for live remote cablecasts and we are hopeful that within the next few weeks those efforts will pay off.

For more information on when live remote cablecasts will be available to Verizon customers, please contact the Grafton Cable Television Oversight Committee or the GCTV Studio at 508-839-2983 or at with any questions.

Sadly, this does mean Wednesday’s live broadcast of  “2 Guys Who Like To Talk” from Grafton Common will not be shown live to Verizon watchers, but I was planning to go to the Common that night to heckle their guest, Farmers Market advocate Michael Urban, anyway.

6 thoughts on “The best news you’ll see all day

  1. Well I just turned it on & no luck!! I walked thru all their automated instruction. Still no luck. I finally spoke with a Verizon rep, she said she didn’t see those numbers on our town’s line up. She was putting in a ticket on it.

    Nothing is ever easy.

  2. We are off the air but only because Verizon is having trouble up at the head end. So all local access station in every town is knocked off. They are having technical difficulties please stand by. The timing does suck however. Dam You VERIZON!!!

  3. Very wierd! Still have it up this end of town (Insitute Road area) and I’m watching “Ask The Geezers”!

  4. I just ordered a late night pizza and I’m going to pull an all nighter watching Extra Extra Local Access!

  5. You DID use the online order form from Pepperoni Express on, right?

    I’m not seeing local access at all, darn it. It will be useful for those nights when I have to be in two different places at once if, say, one of those events is Selectmen/Planning Board.

  6. This is great news, Local Cable Access does a great job in keeping people connected
    local events, My wife and I haven’t switched to dish Tv because we would miss the
    local programing too much!

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