PAYT: Finding the bags

Doreen DeFazio is going to keep me updated on where you can buy PAYT bags, and that info will be updated here.

But to summarize: the bags should be in stores this weekend. Both Koopman and Stop & Shop are now on board, in addition to Roche Bros. in Westborough, Goretti in Millbury, the Branded Bear Deli, Romey’s Gourmet and Discount Valley Liquors.

If anyone actually SEES a bag in stores, let us know!

Also, don’t forget to bring all your furniture discards, used electronics, scrap metal, etc. to Grafton Clean Out Day tomorrow! Full list of vendors is here. It’s 10 a.m.-2 p.m. in the Grafton High School parking lot. Make sure things like old clothes are bagged — you can’t just throw it in a heap on the ground — and have everything sorted, because it’s going to be set up drive-through style, so you can just hand off this to the Salvation Army, that to the scrap metal guy, etc.

I’ll be glad to just get all of these bags and bins out of our living room, where they’ve languished since my major closet-cleaning spree a couple weeks ago.

I’m off to Roche Bros. now — big party for Father’s Day and the men want MEAT! And maybe some PAYT bags?


13 thoughts on “PAYT: Finding the bags

  1. Hi everyone,
    Please make sure the furniture you are donating is in good condition. We can not accept things with stains, tears or mold. Salvation Army resells these items so they must be in good condition.

    Recycling Committee

  2. I’m actually giddy with excitement about the recycling/clean-out day tomorrow… can’t wait to get rid of stuff! 🙂

  3. PAYT bags have become celebrity news worthy. I’ve heard so much about then. Seems lie they need to have their own paparazzi (or some intrepid reporter with a super deluxe new camera).

    A note for Doreen – it might be helpful if you posted the store hours for all the purchase venues. Folks on the fly could have a quick reference guide in case they miss out on the store they’re most familiar with.

    Just a thought…..

  4. I just did a call down of the stores on the list — Branded Bear and Discount Valley Liquors both will have them on shelves tomorrow. Koopman Lumber has them on their loading dock right now, rumor has it, and may have them out later today.

  5. We went to Stop and Shop this morning and they don’t have the bags yet. The woman we spoke with at the store said they were supposed to be in a while ago but still haven’t come yet. She said they are supposed to be coming in the next week but she’d heard that before. She also rumored the date may be extended since no one had the bags yet. Apparantly we were the tenth customer to ask this morning and it’s only 9am.

  6. Considering that as of the Selectmen’s meeting Tuesday Stop & Shop weren’t signed on, I’d take that entire conversation with a grain of salt.

    Meanwhile, Clean Out Day is a madhouse. I’m told people had already DUMPED stuff by 9 a.m.!

  7. What do you mean Stop and Shop isn’t signed on? The flyer we got from the town this week had them listed as a vendor? This communication is just terrible! And I’m going to be really annoyed if I have to make separate trips to random stores just to buy trash bags.

  8. Stop & Shop is signed on NOW, but on Tuesday, they were not. They could not have been waiting for the shipment to come in for a long time — why would they have ordered before they gave the town the OK?

  9. I noticed that the brochure lists “retailers that have been contacted to sell bags”. So those listed at the time of printing hadn’t necessarily signed on. I understand that they had to get the brochures out sooner rather than later, but it seems a bit misleading. They could have said, “please check our website for an updated list of retailers” or something…

  10. This whole thing smacks of amateur communication and lackluster leadership. I’m so disappointed that this isn’t rolling out smoothly – there are still people down here in South Grafton who know NOTHING about what’s about to happen here! I never got anything in the mail from the town, so unless someone is an avid online reader of GraftonTimes (or this blog) or a subscriber to The Grafton News, they have no idea what’s going to happen.

    I had one person find out about it on Facebook by reading a posting I made ranting about the lack of retailers carrying the bags!

  11. I went to Cumberland Farms in No. Grafton. They still don’t have them as of Monday afternoon. They said they should have them soon.

    Got my bags today at Branded Bear Deli. The bags are nowhere in sight. You have to go all the way to the back. they should advertise on the door. Or put a little sign on the counter.

    I also saw a woman walking out of Koopmans, bags in hand. So she either stole them from the backroom or they have them out on display.

  12. As of Saturday, June 20, Roche Brothers in Westborough did not have the Grafton PAYT bags — and the service desk had no idea what I was talking about. I found mine (like many others) at Koopmans. Hopefully in 6 months or so when I need more, Roche Brothers will have them then.

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