They’re here!

Look what we found!


We bought them at Koopman Lumber, where I went after Clean Out Day (story on that up on probably around 2:45 or so, I’m still going through photos) after Doreen fumed about her efforts to get them to put them out on the floor.

I asked at the checkout counter if the bags were out yet and the girl just rolled her eyes and said, “yeah, unfortunately.” When my son and I went to grab some, another kid was grumbling that the bags were “so retarded,” so we both glared at him. I have no idea what happened in between the time that Doreen went there this morning and this afternoon, but it seems to have left the people there rather surly.

In any case, I now have bags, and a slightly less cluttered cellar after getting rid of stuff at Clean Out Day.  Doreen asked me to post requests for feedback, which can be either here or here.


5 thoughts on “They’re here!

  1. This is terrific!
    Just-in-Time Inventory: Inventory Management Professionals would be really happy with this approach.
    Can’t wait to stuff some trash in the new, spiffy bags. Yowza!

  2. Great Father’s Day gift! Wrap up a package for two for loved ones any time of the year. Just make sure you use recyclable gift wrap…

  3. It’s a good thing that they put that “Use for Trash Only” line on those bags. I can only imagine the chaos that would ensue if those trash bags didn’t have intructions printed clearly on them.

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