Bridge is out, is it time for a ferry?

John LaPoint, responding to my “The Pleasant Street bridge is opening today… whoops, guess not” stories today (the story on the site changed after the guy from the state sent an email basically saying “sorry, my bad” this morning), sent me this story from today’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Grafton Ferry to reopen on Wednesday


GRAFTON – The Grafton Ferry, sidelined since Dec. 1, will reopen at noon Wednesday, Grafton Mayor Tom Thompson said Monday.

The ferry connects Grafton and St. Charles County at the confluence of the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. Silt from last year’s floods blocked its traditional route between two islands and forced it to take a lengthier and more time-consuming crossing. Crossing times doubled to 25 minutes or more and motorists often had long waits to board the ferry. Faced with increased fuel costs and declining ridership, ferry owners suspended operation Dec. 1.

The old ferry route has been dredged with the help of a $117,750 federal grant administered through the Missouri Department of Economic Development.

Who knew today is just a bad date in general for towns named Grafton and their residents who just want to cross a freaking river?


3 thoughts on “Bridge is out, is it time for a ferry?

  1. I would love a ferry to cross the river. That would be great…they could just park the ferry and we could walk over it, as though it were a …bridge

  2. Brilliant!
    Clearly the “Ferry Bridge” solves the problem.

    Hey…we could even charge people to cross on the ferry.
    A sort of “PAYF”…Pay as you Ferry.
    Another LUXURY we should pay for.

  3. There used to be a ferry service at that location when it was known as Leland’s Landing. The ferry served canal traffic when the Blackstone was the main source of commercial goods transportation. We could revert to the ferry again, have the kids ride barges on the canal to SGES (no fee, hopefully) and solve two problems at once. We can then rewrite the words to “Erie Canal” to suit our modern dilemma.

    OR—- we could have a “Chappaquiddick” style ferry. Think of all the possbile political foibles.

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