Trashed? Like, totally

Are you ready?


Behold: our trash station. I added the second recycling bin this weekend because the first was overflowing and I still had nearly a week’s worth of recycling left to cram into it. That white bag between the bins, btw, is for redemption cans. You don’t want to use the PAYT bags for that because they’re helpfully labeled “For Trash Only,” which really spoils my midsummer plans for a “dress up in official Grafton bags” party.

That lovely green bag with the town seal — I find it funny that I was told not to use the town seal on the websites yet it’s emblazoned all over a trash bag — is a PAYT bag and if your trash isn’t inside one as of tomorrow, it ain’t gonna get picked up.

I’m so tired of PAYT and we haven’t even started it yet. This weekend, every time I ran into a Michael Jackson tribute, I’d hear the song “PYT” and mentally change it to “PAYT.” Even took a stab at some lyrics, but I’m not going there.


4 thoughts on “Trashed? Like, totally

  1. So, if you have a “dress up in official Grafton bags” party and averyone gets trashed…would’nt that be OK? I mean, that wouldn’t be violating the “For Trash Only” label now, would it?

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