Swan Lake

NEWS FLASH! Do not let these photos distract you from attending the first-ever Grafton Farmer’s Market, 2-6:30 p.m. today on Grafton Common! And now, back to Jenn with her story…

I had some spare time this morning (because I’m going to be spending the entire afternoon at the Grafton Farmers Market, see also NEWS FLASH!), so I was aimlessly driving around when I spotted some canoes on Lake Ripple. I never did get around to getting good pictures of them, however — I was kind of distracted by some wildlife.


That’s not taken with a zoom, btw. I got THAT CLOSE to the swans on Lake Ripple.

I parked at Cancun Restaurant and was walking to get a good angle when I discovered a guy fishing on what was apparently his break. He said the fish weren’t biting, but he pointed out some Canadian geese swimming into the little lagoon behind the restaurant. I started snapping pictures but mentioned wistfully that what I really wanted to get were the swans, but they never seemed to appear when I was at the lake with my camera.


My new friend disappeared into the kitchen and returned with what I’m guessing were stale tortillas, which he began throwing into the water from the porch. Suddenly, we were just swarmed by birds.


They came from all over the lake. I swear, one of the birds must have got on his iPhone and yelled out “We’ve got free Mexican food, come and get it!”


“Come along, children, don’t crowd each other and Ginny, don’t let me catch you snapping at your brother again.”


And lo and behold, guess who else showed up for the buffet?


Hello gorgeous. Um, you’re drooling.


“Oh sure. You thought we were cute until the swans showed up.”

“Aw, don’t get your feathers all ruffled.”


“Oh yeah? How about we flap our wings at you, tough guy?”


And this is totally why Cancun is my favorite restaurant in Grafton. Not only do they have great Mexican food and margaritas but they finally allowed me to get my swan pictures!

See you at the Farmers Market! Remember, 2-6:30 p.m., Grafton Common, just about an hour from now at this posting. I can’t promise you swans, but… I’m seeing sun!


2 thoughts on “Swan Lake

  1. Great pics and fabulous dialogue! You just brightened up my day since the sun has been reluctant to do so. See you at the Farmer’s Market!

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