Didja smell that smell?

Anyone else smell something like burning plastic around 11-11:30 p.m. last night? It was so strong my husband and I both went outside, convinced our camper (opened up yesterday) was on fire.

It wasn’t the camper, luckily, but we couldn’t pinpoint the source and now I’ve heard from a few other people in the Grafton Elementary School area they smelled it too. Anyone else?

I didn’t hear an alarm, but I put a call in to the police department to see if they heard any reports…


2 thoughts on “Didja smell that smell?

  1. We smelled it a couple nights ago, too. To me it smelled like diesel fuel. Lasted most of the night wafting in through open windows. Made us get up and check to make sure nothing was on fire or leaking, etc.

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