13 thoughts on “Goodbye WBCN. But you left a while ago…

  1. The Big Matttress!! I used to listen to BCN so much in my teen yrs. I can’t believe they’re switching to sports…ugh

  2. I stopped listening about the same time they moved Chuck to ZLX.

    It was a permanent setting in my dorm room at Lowell. I remember a bunch of us had late morning classes and we always listened to the big mattress, frequently getting on to play mishigas (spell?) at the end. I’m drawing a blank – who was the mid morning personality that came on after Chuck and did mishigas with him?

    For those with Connecticut roots like me, WPLR in New Haven recently made similar changes. PLR was similar to BCN, but managed to keep many of the personalities and continued to play decent music (or so it seemed on the few occaisions I got back there). Until a couple weeks ago, that is…

  3. I can’t remember who was on after Chuck. All I can remember is Dwayne Ingalls Glasscock, his clone, who would do the show on Fridays (Rangoon!) and got killed off sometime during the summer of 1989, when I was working a Kelly Girl temp job sorting fabric samples at the Boston Design Center.

    And Mark Parenteau in the afternoons, of course. “With a head so thick, you could float Mark Parenteau on it.” I guess he’s out of jail now, since the Globe quoted him?

  4. Ken Shelton, aka Captain Ken Shelton.

    And yes, I’m THAT Steve…still filling in the little details after all these years!

    I loved the lunch hour and the lunchtime parody songs.

    And don’t forget Tank on sports, Chuck-a-luck-a-ducka, and I guess Mark Parenteau took LICK ME a little too far…

  5. Ahhh…for the good old days of WABC out of New York with Cousin Bruce (Morrow) and his Submarine Race Watching shows.

  6. Kurt Cobain. I was in the radio station at Worcester State College. I was a DJ there during the end of my college years. Where did we all hear about Cobain’s death? Yep, someone was listening to WBCN and told us when he arrived at the station.

  7. Ken Shelton was the guy I was trying to remember.

    He appears to be at WODS (Oldies 103.3), but not an on-air talent anymore I guess.

  8. I think WBCN jumped the shark when Billy West left the morning mishigash (sp?)show to hit the big time in New York (And an amazing career in Disney animation). The show became so un-funny that some “Genius” in management decided to have Mark Perentau join Chuck for, what used to be “The funniest 15 minutes of radio” and turned it into the most painful thing to listen to. Of course, being a die-hard BCN fan, I wouldn’t change the station…I would just turn it off until I was certain that Ken Shelton had complete control of the air waves.

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