Oh. My. God.

My “things I’ve never done list” used to say “I’ve never shot a big fire.”


I’m telling you, the Greater Grafton camera is worth its weight IN PLATINUM.


Full story is, of course, on GraftonTimes.com. In case you were wondering why I went tearing out of the Grafton Farmers Market with my shoes in my hand…


5 thoughts on “Oh. My. God.

  1. This is so sad! Jen, your pictures and your story are excellent! Thanks so much for the great coverage, and please let us know where we can send donations, etc! Times like this are when Grafton shines its brightest!

  2. Next time – ask us for our shoes – in the name of news. I don’t want you to catch on fire because you are in heels!

    As for the fire, it’s definitely terrible. If there is a collection of things or money…I’m hoping it’ll be posted on the Gtimes?

  3. Oh, I have sneakers (and spare notebooks, pens and a blanket) stashed in my car at all times. I once met the legendary Edna Buchanan, the Pulitzer Prize-winning Miami Herald crime reporter. When I asked her for advice for a female journalist, she said “always carry spare shoes in the car!”

  4. Now that is a great piece of advice….but let’s hope you don’t have to chase down any criminals in Grafton.

  5. I’m so pleased that the community is coming forward to help this family, It’s one of the reasons I love living in the Blackstone Valley!

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