Hay you

I was driving by Tufts the other day when I spotted these odd cylindrical objects. Before you jump on my back and say “it’s hay, you idiot,” rest assured, I knew perfectly well it was hay. I see them every year. I just find them cool.


Don’t they just look like they belong on a Pink Floyd album cover?


I’ve never actually seen the hay rolling in action. I like to think it happens in the darkness of night, kind of like crop circles but with slightly more productive “aliens.”


The hay cylinders are very stiff to the touch. You know, if Pa had this technology back on Plum Creek, Laura and Mary never would have gotten in trouble for jumping in the hay stack.

I’m geeky on a number of levels, you see.


I had always thought, from afar, that the colors on the sides of the bales were spray paint. They’re not. It’s just some of the plastic that’s used to keep it all together.


This is probably one of my favorite views of Grafton. The hill, the tree are just perfect. I’d smile when I’d see it every day when on my way home from work in Framingham — after a long day on Rte. 9, it was just a sigh of  “ahhhh, Grafton.”


3 thoughts on “Hay you

  1. Here’s what they do with those hay rolls at the farm across the street from my house…

  2. Tufts used to have faces and antenna on the bales, it was hugely amusing to see. Haven’t seen that in a few years. . .

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