Lost at Lost River

He said we’d be roughing it. I expected the trailer — this wasn’t our first trip — I expected the cooking over a fire, the woods, the sound of the river burbling in the distance in the night.

I did not expect to be unconnected. I’m a website-based editor, for crying out loud. I planned to check in a few times a day via iPhone, maybe browse good old GraftonTimes.com for updates on life back in the real world.

I’m tying this on my phone in a North Conway mcdonalds — finally wifi! But our time without Internet has been well spent. We’ve taught the kids to skip rocks. I’ve braved the bathrooms late at night despite my fear of the inevitable headline “Grafton woman mauled by bear; was wearing ridiculous Hollywood jammies.” I took my son on the alpine slide and walked the flume.

And now I must get off the Internet. Lifes calling!


3 thoughts on “Lost at Lost River

  1. Jen – you’re a can do girl from way back. Bathrooms? “Cat holes” are true roughing it (ask any scout leader)! And next time feel free to borrow my dutch ovens – that’s big time roughing it especially if you’re cooking in the rain….

  2. It’s good to disconnect. People are too connected these days. You don’t need all the information in the world at youf finger tips 24×7. Take a deep breath and enjoy the world for a bit. Nothing important will happen while you’re away. Believe me, nothing important will happen.

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