What a difference some rain makes

Before I dive back into the happenings of Grafton, here’s a look back at where I’ve been for the last week. That would be the Lost River Valley Campground in North Woodstock, N.H., which I enthusiastically recommend if you’re in the market for a campsite (mostly tent sites but space for pop-up campers as well).

When we first arrived, the Lost River was a placid little stream near our campsite. My husband taught the kids to skip rocks and my daughter happily waded in water that only reached to mid-shin at its deepest point.

Lost River

Wednesday night, the sky opened up. We fell asleep to the sound of rain pounding on the roof and canvas. When we woke up in the morning, it took a few minutes for us to realize that the sound we thought was more rain was actually the river.

Lost River rapids

The river was up by a few feet and turned overnight from placid stream into raging rapids. It was quite the sight.

Also, lest you think I was exaggerating about the bears:

Beware of Bears

We never did see a bear, save for the trained ones at Clark’s Trading Post, so we never got to try that “maintain eye contact and back away slowly” tip.

5 thoughts on “What a difference some rain makes

  1. That looks like a fabulous vacation…so do you say just a tent would be fine…without all those fancy amenities of a camper?

  2. I ran into a mom in the bathroom with her toddler. She said they had just bought a tent from Target the week before. I asked her son what he thought about camping and he started chanting “go home, wanna go home.”

    I think a tent would be fine if the weather cooperated. It looked pretty miserable in the rain, although we were admiring the tarping skills at a lot of sites. The ground on the sites is sandy and drains well and I thought some of the more scenic sites were the ones designated for tents.

    Of course, you do have to take into account one big hazard at this campground: does the sound of constantly running water make you need to pee all night?

  3. Camping is one thing I could never get into. Maybe I was scarred for life after being forced to go camping with the Girl Scouts. Didn’t like it then….don’t like it now.

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