Here’s one for the bucket list

When a firefighter says “hey, you want to go up in the bucket?” you don’t think. You just GO.








And just for perspective, this is how high they took me! This is at tonight’s National Night Out, of course.

Surprisingly, or maybe unsurprisingly, the bucket of Ladder 1, when almost fully extended, is quite steady (they took me to 86 feet out, 70 feet up, and I tried to be as nonchalant as I possibly could but I was totally freaking the heck out because it was so cool). I can’t say I’ve ever had the experience of looking down at a flagpole when I wasn’t in a building.

Thanks for the lift guys!


11 thoughts on “Here’s one for the bucket list

  1. OMG…. i could never do that. i’m so afraid of heights. i get qet queasy just looking at the pictures. yikes. good for you jenn. what fun. good shots.

  2. I’m so jealous – all bloggers should be so lucky!

    Unfortunately for me, Southborough doesn’t happen to have a working ladder truck at the moment. Maybe I could finagle myself a ride in the fire department’s hovercraft instead. Seriously. We don’t have a ladder truck but we have a hovercraft. Go figure.

  3. SO much fun. Still not as scary as shooting off the guns, though. I thought I’d be more nervous, being up so high, but the ladder was steady, the bucket was well-enclosed and it’s kind of hard to be nervous when you’re standing next to guys who go up this thing into FIRE.

    Had I been wearing better shoes, I could have left the bucket via the long ladder (when it was folded flat. They weren’t about to let someone with my history of public klutziness go down 86 feet of extended ladder).

    Is the hovercraft the helicopter that brings Santa to Southborough every year? That’s just so Southborough!

  4. Oh, I crossed LifeFlight off my bucket list a while ago! Not as a patient, luckily. I’ve also done ambulance rides (unfortunately as both patient and observer) and spent a night on the streets with the Pine Street Inn’s mobile van. My health reporting fellowship ROCKED… we also got to go behind the scenes at Fenway and meet with the team owners and doctors. 🙂

  5. You couldn’t pay me to do what you did! I don’t like looking out the second floor window! Sure you are my daughter?

  6. It’s summer! I wear sandals in the summer! I would have switched to my emergency back-up sneakers, but the car was parked behind the Municipal Building and I wanted to get in the bucket before either I or the firefighters changed their minds.

  7. I am totally jealous – it looked like so much fun!

    We did ask if they were giving “rides” and they said “no”

    Thanks for the pictures though ….

  8. Wow. I am impressed at your bravery! What an awesome experience. Do the kids wish they could’ve gone too?

  9. My daughter wanted to go on the motorcycle/Segway things and there was no way she was leaving her spot in line. My son looked on with envy but said it was way too high for him, especially when he looked at the pictures I shot from the top.

    My one regret: I should have handed the camera over and asked for them to take MY picture at the top!

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