Roofing around

I had three, count them, three roofing companies come to my door today offering to take a look at my roof for hail damage. My neighborhood is full of signs from various companies.

I keep hearing, anecdotally, from people around town that their insurance companies actually encouraged them to get their roofs done, even without visible damage, since they were already doing repairs to siding and windows damaged by the hail storm.

Still, I’m not getting my roof inspected by a guy who just knocks on my door. I mean really. Don’t they realize they’re knocking on the door of the family that invests in nothing without extensive research and fact-checking?


4 thoughts on “Roofing around

  1. >even without visible damage

    We didn’t have visible damage. At least not visible to me. We let one of the gypsies up to have a look and he stated there was “damage all over the place” – and he put in writing in the form of a quote.

    Called the insurance company, the adjuster came out with his roofing guy and agreed there was damage, but not “all over the place”. I went up on the roof with them to see what they were talking about. Now I know what the damage looks like.

    The insurance comapny definitely was not encouraging replacement. In fact they initially were saying there wasn’t enough damage, and, age of roof, etc – they wouldn’t replace it. I pushed back and made them count the hail strikes – sure enough we had just enough to qualify for replacement (there is a formula that gets used). Insurance company gave me check for back half of my house roof, no garage roof replacement, no front.

    Turns out that in MA if you replace more than 25% of your roof, you have to bring the whole roof up to code. And our local inspector is enforcing that part of the code. Most of the roofs are not currently up to code. So, the insuracnce company needs to come back and measure the whole roof. I anticpate getting a check to replace the whole roof.

    Been about 10 houses done so far in my neighborhood. Just about everyone is in the process of getting their roofs replaced. I won’t use a gypsy, I’ll use a local contractor, but everyone so far has used one of the gypsies.

    If I were you Jenn, I’d have someone look at it.

  2. We do have an appointment — with a guy we know, not someone who just randomly knocked on our door! Another one caught me this morning as I was signing for a package. I swear they’re hiding in the bushes with the turkeys!

  3. You also need to be careful of what ‘local’ is. There are local contactors that hire non locals (from the Midwest) to do the sales pitch and up front work, then the work is done by a team of very much non-locals in a day, abd the contactors gets his cut on each job.

    You should get your roof done though…those insurance company execs already have accounted for our new roofs in the insurance premium increases that will hit us over the next 5 years.

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