Modular frustration

I’m going to School Committee tonight and I have a confession: I just don’t know if I can write another “the modulars are not on the middle school yet but don’t worry, they’ll be in before school starts!” story without exploding.

The deadline is 10 days from today. TEN DAYS. School starts on Aug. 31. And the modulars are still sitting in the parking lot!

I’ve been sitting at my keyboard for the last 10 minutes making random hand gestures because I’m completely wordless.


6 thoughts on “Modular frustration

  1. Well look at it this way….$500/day back to the town if they are delayed. Maybe we could use the extra money to build a ramp at the library!!

  2. From the story I just filed, just one sentence:

    Plans for the corridor that will connect the modulars to the school have not been filed with the building inspector.

  3. The building inspector has 30 days to act on a building permit application. So, if “plans… not been filed with the building inspector” means they haven’t even applied for the building permit for the corridor, well, do the math…

  4. Exactly. This isn’t a slam at Bob Berger, by the way. The absolute last thing I want anyone to rush on is a building addition that will hold kids — and we don’t even have to go into the fact that, in this case, one of them is mine!

  5. I thought the same thing! I really hope they don’t rush to meet the deadline! Did you see Mr Lind’s e-mail about Mrs. Tritone?

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