I have nothing to say except… murder?

If you go over to my day job, you’re going to see a story that’s still unfolding as I write this — I’ve updated it several times today already. Short version: there was a standoff between police and a Second Street man this morning and he may be a suspect in a Millbury murder.

The guy they took into custody is named Jayce Vitkauskas, and the name rang bells so I did some searching through the police logs (thank you, Chief Crepeau, for emailing them every week!). He was arrested after a traffic stop back in February on weapons charges and he’s apparently a mixed martial arts fighter.

DA’s office is not connecting him to the homicide in Millbury yesterday, but Millbury cops were on the scene and it seems like everyone there connected the dots and it was also the talk of Stop & Shop when I dropped by there after picking up the kids from camp.

But here’s my new theory: state officials are bad luck.

Earlier this summer, I went to the ribbon cutting of the Pleasant Street bridge in the morning and had to run out to the Tripp fire that afternoon. This morning, I went to the announcement of the Fisherville Mill funds and, as I was writing it up, found out I’d missed out on a police standoff and had to go running around playing catchup.

Based on the newsroom superstition of the rule of three, we can expect disaster to strike the next time a state politician comes to town with a pair of scissors or a proclamation.


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